About Soilbuild

Competitive Strengths

Automated precast production facility (Integrated construction and prefabrication hub)
  • Preferred partner for precast design and fabrication services
  • Equipped with complete automation capabilities, such as, flying bucket & pallet circulation delivery system, customized with steel mesh reinforcement & comprehensive software system to efficiently control all programs to provide cast with precision precast products.
  • A forward-looking setup that continue to break new grounds with our in-house applied R&D capabilities
Part of an integrated platform with Controlling Shareholder Group
  • Ensures better earnings visibility
Multi-property sector approach diversifies risks
  • Ability to execute business space and residential projects
  • Flexibility in shifting focus when one particular property sector slows down
Entrenched position and A1 grading pose significant barriers to entry
  • Difficult to replicate the Group’s knowledge, understanding and network established in the local construction industry
  • Ability to tender for public sector projects in Singapore of unlimited contract value
Strong management team with significant intellectual capital
  • Able to meld property development and construction industry expertise to offer optimal cost-effective construction solutions
Effective cost-control and operational efficiency keep the Group competitive
  • D&B projects are developed with constructability in mind